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  • Genultimate 50 Test Strips For Onetouch Ultra Ultra2 And Ultramini Meters
  • GenStrip 50 Genultimate 50 Test Strips For Use with OneTouch
    GenUltimate! Test Strips 1 box (50 ct) for your OneTouch Ultra Meters
  • 868906000100
  • 868906000100
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GenUltimate! Test Strips GenUltimate! is the latest offering from the manufacturers of the popular GenStrip50 test strips. These test strips are even better than the original: More Accurate! Greater Value! Better Results! Experience the Ultimate in testing supplies! Expiration Date: March 2018 For Use with OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2 and UltraMini meters. (*Meters must have the ability to change the code. New UltraMini meters sold in Canada have coding functionality removed. If you are a buyer in Canada, please check your meter before purchasing. Thank you) IF INTERESTED IN WHOLESALE PRICES AND DISTRIBUTORSHIP PLEASE CONTACT US. *Coding: Start with the meter off. With clean dry hands, remove a GenUltimate! Test strip from the vial. Insert the test strip into the test port. - Make sure the three contact bars and meter are facing you. - Push the test strip in as far as it will go. Do Not bend the test strip. After the start-up test screen appears, the meter will display the code from your last test. - If the codes already match, wait three seconds. - If the code on the meter does not match the code on the test strip vial, press or (press C if using Ultra meters) to match the code number on the test strip vial. Wait approximately 3 seconds. The display will advance to the screen with the flashing blood drop icon. The meter is now ready to perform a blood glucose test. Genstrip50 test strips for use with One touch Ultra meter. Each bottle contains 50 strips. EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2018
<b>PharmaTech Solutions, Inc.</b> is proud to bring you a new and improved, even more affordable, test strip, GenUltimate!, at the same high quality you expect from us.<br> Now you can get the care you deserve at the ultimate low price. <br>Users who switch to GenUltimate! will enjoy the same reliable test results as their name brand strips, at a more affordable price.
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